Superpowered Goal Setting

We all know goal setting is integral to our success, but very few of us know how to do it properly. Learn the fundamentals behind this deceptively simple process and start seeing those best times tumble.

Comprehensive 10 Month Log

The heart and soul of YourSwimBook is its exclusive 10 month log book. You will be able to track everything here -- your workouts, competitions, best times, your goals, nutrition and more.

Pre + Post Competition Analysis

My favorite feature. For 9 different competitions you can break every start, split and time down so that you know exactly where you excelled and where you bombed. This type of information is critical when trying to reach that next level.

Next Day Delivery

You've made the decision to kick some butt and take names with YourSwimBook, so why wait forever to get it? Once your order is completed I'll ship your copy out next business day. Whammy.